10 Most Influential Practicing Lawyers on Twitter


Steve Glaveski

While countless lawyers have left the profession to pursue entrepreneurship and politics and muster significant followings as a result, a number of still practicing lawyers have developed what amount to significant Twitter followings. 

Here are the most influential practicing lawyers on Twitter, by way of follower count. 

1. Donald B Kipkorir

- the founding and managing partner of KTK Advocates, one of Africa’s largest corporate law practices, has amassed 937,000 Twitter followers.

2. Kathleen Zellner

- the civil rights, medical malpractice, and sexual assault lawyer, who claims to have righted more wrongful prosecutions than any private attorney in America. And perhaps as a result of this, she enjoys over 741,000 followers on Twitter.

3. Ben Crump

 - the civil rights advocate, and founder Ben Crump Law, Crump has amassed over 717,000 followers on Twitter.

4. Denny Indrayana

- the Indonesian lawyer, and author of books such as Indonesian Constitutional Reform, has generated over 593,000 followers on Twitter.

5. Victoria Toensing

- the founding partner of Washington-based firm diGenova & Toensing, has generated over 139,000 Twitter followers.

6. Muannas Alaidid

- the second Indonesian lawyer on our list applies his craft at the law firm that bears his name. He is on the cusp of 6 figures, with 95,400 Twitter followers.

7. S Lee Merritt

is a civil rights lawyer and legal director of the Grassroots Law Project - which combines the best of grassroots organizing with legal expertise to radically transform policing and justice in America. He has 75,200 Twitter followers.

8. Valens Daki-Soo

- the third Indoensian on our list (there’s a theme here) is CEO of Veritas Dharma Satya, and boasts 75,000 followers on Twitter.

9. Lanny Davis

- the former Whiet House Special Counsel is a practicing legal crisis manager, and co-founder of law firm Davis, Goldberg & Galper. He has 64,300 followers.

10. Natasha Pirc Musar

- the slovenian lawyer and director Pirc, Musar & Lemur Strle, boasts over 51,000 Twitter followers.

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about the author

Steve Glaveski is a Harvard Business Review contributor on all things high-performance at work. He is the author of Employee to Entrepreneur (Wiley, 2019), and co-founder of Collective Campus, the boutique consultancy behind NewLaw Academy that has generated millions of dollars selling discretionary services to many of the biggest organizations in the world - without the benefit of an established brand,pre-existing relationships, a corporate card, or a large team. Steve previously consulted to the likes of King & Wood Mallesons, Mills Oakley, and Cornwalls, and worked in consulting for EY and KPMG.



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