10 Most Influential Law Firms on Twitter


Steve Glaveski

Today’s successful brands think of themselves as media companies, and invest in myriad types of content across multiple channels. 

Red Bull TV, Crunchbase News, and Jyske Bank TV are just three examples of sophisticated brand-turned-media empires in motion today. 

Law firms, notorious for anchoring to the past, are lagging behind in this space, but a handful have amassed what amount to relatively modest but encouraging Twitter followings.

Here are the most influential law firms on Twitter, based on follower counts. 

1. ACLJ (183,000 followers)

ACLJ is a constitutional law firm, led by Jay Sekulow, committed to defending religious liberty. The ACLJ also maintains what is essentially a media site (below).

2. White & Case (63,900 followers)

White & Case is a long-standing global law firm with over 6,000 employees.

3. DLA Piper

DLA Piper the global firm with over 11,000 employees, comes in at third with a modest 41,300 followers.

4. The Institute for Justice (38,400 followers)

The Institute for Justice is a national law firm that focuses on the protection of property, economic liberty, free speech and school choice.

5. Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy, the leading magic circle law firm, has amassed 38,300 Twitter followers. 

6. Latham Watkins (37,200 followers)

Latham Watkins is a global law firm with leading transactional, litigation, and regulatory practices. 

7. Jones Ward

Jones Ward is a national law firm representing people who have been injured by the dangerous conduct of big pharmaceutical drug companies, and it has generated 34,700 followers.

8. The Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society is the United States’ oldest law firm for low-income families and individuals, established in 1876. It has over 33,000 followers. 

9. Lawyers Online

Lawyers Online, an ALSP from the United Kingdom, has generated 29,500 followers, despite little media and content production. 

10. Freshfields

Freshfields, the prestigious London law firm, has amassed over 29,300 followers.

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about the author

Steve Glaveski is a Harvard Business Review contributor on all things high-performance at work. He is the author of Employee to Entrepreneur (Wiley, 2019), and co-founder of Collective Campus, the boutique consultancy behind NewLaw Academy that has generated millions of dollars selling discretionary services to many of the biggest organizations in the world - without the benefit of an established brand,pre-existing relationships, a corporate card, or a large team. Steve previously consulted to the likes of King & Wood Mallesons, Mills Oakley, and Cornwalls, and worked in consulting for EY and KPMG.



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