13. Five Reasons Law Firms Don't Innovate


Steve Glaveski

We recently surveyed legal innovation thought leaders, and discovered the top reasons preventing law firms - traditional laggards when it comes to change and technology adoption - from innovating.

Time and budget constraints, skill deficiencies, and risk aversion were seen as the key drivers.

As Penelope Barr of Allens Linklaters LegalTech Lab put it, “Time, coupled with no compelling need to change, continue as core barriers to real innovation breakthrough”.



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about the author

Steve Glaveski is a Harvard Business Review contributor on all things productivity, effectiveness and high-performance at work. He is the author of Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life (Wiley, 2020), a SXSW21 speaker, and just so happens to be co-founder of Collective Campus.

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